The Earthly Frames Hoarding Eleven
Hoarding Eleven

Hoarding Eleven is a story told over multiple mediums: a short film, a card game, a novella and an EP.

In the movie, Donny Reyes, played by Eliud Kauffman, works as a supervisor for a financially strapped outdoor advertising company. Donny's world begins to crumble after he inspects a mysterious billboard design that conjures lost memories and surfaces his fears of failing his very talented daughter.

The novella, written by the director's father, bookends the film to reveal how Donny and his family have all struggled with their repressed talents and paranoia - the shadow of their powerful imaginations.

The card game explores the notion of that a sequence of symbols, like those found on the mysterious billboard, can unlock dreams and memories or overload one's consciousness. Each player of the game attempt to arrange a sequence of handpainted cards as other players counter by intervening or tricking them into building a sequence of their own undoing.

The musical portion of the project is provided by The Earthly Frames. The sound is a strange mix of sampled country western and dub-influenced rock music.

Please note, the Hoarding Eleven album and bundle are no longer available. But you can still purchase the card game and novella via print on-demand services.

Track Listing:

  1. Hoarding Eleven | 01:24
  2. The Hidden Hand | 04:22
  3. Tracing the Line | 02:48
  4. The Mark | 05:58
  5. This is Cold Gold | 03:31
  6. The Vacant Lands | 03:29
  7. The Ballad of Donny Reyes | 04:43
  8. Abel | 04:01
  9. Obduration | 04:41
  10. Evening Ladies | 04:11