The Earthly Frames

The Earthly Frames

Feel Better Soon

Written and recorded during the pandemic.

Track Listing:

    Feel Better Soon, 04:47


    Recorded during quarantine with care.


    What was it your dad used to say,

    when you were a kid and dudes dropped every day?

    Something about enzymes and keys

    And that the cure is just waiting for the disease

    We checked in on him last week

    with the window cracked, you could just hear him speak.

    I asked him which bug was worse.

    Did he miss the rush and that other nurse?

    ‘He’s a vent jockey now, he's probably cursed.’

    Please tell him feel better soon

    I hope you feel better soon

    Please we need you all to stick around

    We need the good ones to stick around

    I know it’s strange with me here and you away

    I’m a sad excuse, getting sadder every day.

    But I’ll do my best to hold things down

    We’re all counting the days till you’re back in town

    Please tell her feel better soon I hope you feel better soon

  1. Feel Better Soon