The Earthly Frames

The Earthly Frames


Ruine, a combination of "ruin" and "rune" is the third full length by The Earthly Frames. It's a broken memory palace with allusions to the genres that were popular when I was a youngster. Subject matter ranges from personal memory to imagined futures.

Track Listing:

    Moonrakers, 02:46


    an overture of sorts. memory, space, and identity are going to be mushed for this one.


    What it seems may not be where a hidden beam falls on your hair.

    Scrape the waves, and shoot the flare. Moonlight bathes what wasn’t there It wasn’t there.

    But we knew then the end was soon. Time don’t bend, so rake the moon.

    Years ago, I knew none, except the glow, a braid undone.

    Kept away, kept for fun. You did stay. While I did run. I did run.

    I knew this road.I knew this room. Well, time don’t slow, so rake the moon.

  1. Moonrakers
  2. Broken Front Tooth, 04:16


    Vocals by Remez. Ted pulled a gun at Scott's house. Judy judy had to be carried out. Dawn and Gordon break-in for art class. Abbey's smile.


    Do I mind if you stop by? Well, damn straight! You’re my alibi. And, not for nothing, see if I care. You know this place is dead and the whole damn town, they already stare.

    Can’t you see that tar and feather is meant for me? Don’t you need another friendly face for you to read?

    There’s a house by your boyfriend’s stash The glass is broken and TV smashed. There’s a typewriter on the second floor that never wrote “Nothing and nothing no more.” They wrote “Nothing” and nothing no more

    Just remember when you stop by I’ll be on the floor pretending I died And, not for nothing, see if I care You know I’m not sticking ‘round, I’m leaving town with my half of the share.

    It’s not true - the brutality of youth. A car mirror cracked and a broken front tooth. These reflections weren’t meant to last, the Captain sees land but is tied to the mast

  3. Broken Front Tooth
  4. Tangier, 04:22


    with sincere hope to the people of Tangier Island.


    Soft shell in the ghost trap waiting for a pull that never comes

    Golf carts float upside down out near where the markers washed away

    Rot tide tugs pilings down That dock is buoyed up by prayers alone

    The outside men they talk of carbon, they talk of apes They say the waters will rise and that there is no escape Well, the waters killed the Pharaoh’s men Sometimes you have to drown the world to start it back up again

    It’s his will, it’s his order One nation cried underwater

    This town ain’t built upon stone Settled bones sleep through the airish ‘morn

    I’ll stay, I’ll never leave Until the island is swallowed whole

    All gone, swept away like a third of the stars in the heavens

  5. Tangier
  6. It Used To Be Space, Now it’s Here, 03:38


    coming back to New York in 2005 and being lost.


    I forgot I was walking south without the towers in sight I could swear it was right by Ear, but I must not be right

    This street? This block? Retreat? Jaywalk? Circles and circles. Keep walking.

    Was it across from the park? Where John met his Mark?

    Or off Dekalb Ave? Where Nicky the Knife got stabbed?

    It’s not there no more.

  7. It Used To Be Space, Now it’s Here
  8. Newton, 04:45


    full-on Sussex County, NJ remorse


    We walked the streets of Newton. The year was ninety-three. I asked you what class you cut. You asked me to let you be, “You know, the moon is covering the only thing to see”

    Look to the ceiling as it fades away It was just a feeling, another weekday

    From his porch, an old man heard us and spilled his herbal tea. He screamed, and rose, and fell, again, and called to us from his knees “If I catch you shits 'round here again, you’ll be hanging from that tree”

    And so we carried on in my Shadow, north on Twenty-Three I asked you if you’d seen a ghost. You said you’d seen enough of me.

    Look to the ceiling as it fades away Who knows what you’re feeling, it’s hard to say

    There’s no more revealing what led us astray It was just a feeling, another weekday

  9. Newton
  10. Newest of the Natural Senses, 04:07


    2062 is also a rough year. Vocals by Marvin Muoneké


    Back in sixty-two We were losing ground and the rent was due

    Took a flyer down Medical study, seen it ‘round town

    Change the way you see it’s your opportunity

    Change the way you hear it could be the cure

    So why not try to help? Plus some pocket coin to help myself

    Signed away my rights Filled out the form with my loved one's dislikes

    Take it once a day Take it with no food

    Call without delay ‘Till the study concludes

    Now what you see is what you get, what you get, what you get when you’re barely looking You call and cry, you scream until you forget, you forget, you forget what you were really seeing

    Can you remember Those songs you knew before?

    Photos and letters Now blank on your living room floor

    On the sixteenth day My eyes went dark and I started to sway

    Then I tried to scream I felt held down by something unseen

    Did I hear my name? It sounded familiar, but not quite the same

    Blind or future sight Can’t see now, but I see tomorrow’s light

  11. Newest of the Natural Senses
  12. Tell, 03:06


    apologies to Mr. Lydon, Marvel Comics, and divorced dudes everywhere.


    Didn’t you tell me that you’d been here before?

    You recognized the door?

    I know you came here looking to finish off this final chore.

    But I thought it was more.

    “We’re getting reports of violence interrupting the second shift. Digging to resume.”

    We’re getting closer five more meters to breach the veil.

    Does she know her moves in this world break up nations?

    Does she know her words in this world bring damnation?

    I can see from your eyes this won’t go very well.

    It’s always been your tell.

    You are so lovely even as you turn to leave.

    If only you could believe.

    “Call back your men the levels are too high.”

    “Fall back! Fall back!”

    “There’s something coming through”

    “There’s something wrong with the sky.”

    Did she know her path in this world break up nations?

    Did she know her thoughts in this world bring damnation?

  13. Tell
  14. Here Comes the Mechanical Bride, 04:36


    made from commercials I was exposed to at a young age.


    Keep your mind as busy as your mouth.

    Don’t be shy, it’s what it’s all about.

    She looks great even this close up

    Here she comes, walking down the aisle

    All-wheel drive and a bright white smile

    She’s here to spray away the stains you fight each day

    Champions of love, proceed, proceed,

    Valued customers draw near and feed,

    We’ve only just begun to bend and bleed

    Sink your teeth, this thing could be real,

    Pure love in a box of cereal

    If you trust your judgment, you could be Dodge material

    Here she comes, she’s all bows and curls

    Let us thank the heavens for those little girls

    Time to obey your thirst betcha you blush first

    Champions of love, proceed, proceed,

    Valued customers draw near and feed,

    We’ve only just begun to proceed to feed

    Give in! Give in! Give in to the taste!

  15. Here Comes the Mechanical Bride
  16. Search Flares, 03:34


    over the fortress wall, a minefield.


    I’d be lying to you if I said I knew the way

    Why didn’t we keep with the group? Why did we have to stray?

    Let’s stop here for tonight They won’t get us, the cold just might

    Search flares are falling dark the perimeter has been marked

    There’s no more room for discovery Gone from rescue to recovery

    Do you remember why we came here? You never struck me as a sightseer.

    Well strike me down if I lie once more Until I lay on the forest floor

    Search flares are falling dark the perimeter has been marked

    Call it off, cancel the calvary Gone from rescue to recovery

  17. Search Flares
  18. Sleeve, 05:22


    bodies used in astral projection have rights too, you know.


    I used to meet you by the stream Hidden there where my tent would lean I never knew the age that you seemed And your signal flags what did you mean?

    Didn’t you mind being taken until I did awaken?

    Didn’t you mind being flayed until my role was played?

    Nothing to believe Nothing up my sleeve

    On your dark side of the river We would set out to deliver A mark against the flow of time Before I heard the third bell chime

    Didn’t you mind being used until the stone refused?

    Nothing to believe Nothing up my sleeve

  19. Sleeve