The Earthly Frames

The Earthly Frames

The Conjurer's Thread

So you've lost all your heroes? Magic stopped working? Feds at the door? Perhaps you too have lost the thread.

Track Listing:

    The Conjurer's Thread, 04:25


    Hoisted high now,

    they’re waiting for you to come down

    What’s good is gone

    and gone is what they long to be

    No compliments

    for the broken instruments

    A scream is heard

    and herded toward the back is she

    In the top stall

    a butcher starts a brawl

    And thrown is he

    toppling from the balcony

    At the house’s mercy

    the conjurer’s thread grows bare

    Call for the understudy

    have you seen him anywhere?

    At the house’s mercy

    not one step ahead

    Call for the confederates

    at least they know they’re misled

    Let them stare through

    no impromptu

    What did they pay for?

    What did they stay for?

    Let them burn through

    there’s no trick to undo

    What did they pay for?

    What did they stay for?

  1. The Conjurer's Thread
  2. Everyday Sigils, 04:16


    I’m casting signs for you.

    Believe me, I tried all the tricks in the booking

    and nothing else is due.

    I’m acting out for you

    I’ve picked up the tic of the extra in passing

    and now the past is staged too.

    I’m watching out for you.

    Out of the corner of my eye the mirror was glancing, are those reflections coming through?

    Everyday my symbols tremble

    My burnt intentions I’ve tossed to the air

    But in every way my meanings crumble

    I’m stuck at the border, nothing to declare.

    I lay in wait for you.

    Hunched down in the seat, I fell into trancing and now I missed the queue

    I’m losing track of you

    I can’t hear the words I thought you were asking. In ringing ears a circle grew

    Everyday my symbols tremble

    The words they twist like the braids in your hair

    But in every way my meanings crumble

    Was there ever a chance that you would care?

    I’ve read all about ships in passing

    But all along I’ve been signaling to the air.

  3. Everyday Sigils
  4. An Unfortunate Conflict of Evidence, 02:41


    My brain’s laced and ready to go

    The lost Mind is already in stow

    I’ve been broadcasting in Mclear

    hoping that Contact is near

    It was Arbitrary’s survey

    when I was born and then betrayed

    I’ve been broadcasting in Mclear

    hoping that Contact is near

  5. An Unfortunate Conflict of Evidence
  6. All Basty, 02:58


    Once again, villagers are shuttering

    Crops have failed, children are vanishing

    Led astray, seeking more suffering

    Apples grow too, in my garden,

    you need only to come and see.

    No, I won’t beg your pardon,

    you’re the one who exiled me.

    Do expect sons to be fantasizing

    Scholars weep, there’s no end to the dramatizing

    Wives, they curse me for you’re desiring

    As time begins to harden,

    you forgot who touched the tree

    From the things I’ve seen written,

    you’d think it must be me

    All of you, basty, Al Basty!

  7. All Basty
  8. Strings of Bad Luck, 04:51


    So, you’ve lost all your heroes?

    It’s time to take it on the chin.

    There’s no relief from the headline.

    There’s no thickening your skin.

    Our strings of luck have been tangled.

    When pearls are off, the swine come in.

    They’ll make you wish you had bothered

    to stash your papers in the tin.

    The one that you kept by the fence post,

    forever playing guardian.

    It’s a bitter pill to swallow,

    bitter still when swallowed again.

    Our strings of luck have been tangled.

    When pearls are off the swine come in.

    It does not help but to mention,

    at best it’s just a spoiled win.

    They’ll make you wish you had bothered

    to remember how before had been.

    Restring our luck again, restring. We string our luck again, restring.

  9. Strings of Bad Luck
  10. Star Filter, 03:21


    For Gordon.



    we lose the light and

    have to return to

    the photograph of where we started


    me that you’ll wear

    that metal shirt

    you wore when you departed

    Filter the stars

    their light’s too late for us

    It’s where we are

    not the witness

    Filter the stars

    their light is dead and gone

    It’s not what we wish

    it’s what we settle on


    we had back in school

    they’re growing dimmer now

    betrayed, off and carted


    me of the story you told

    about the roaring ships

    that made the sky again uncharted

  11. Star Filter
  12. RSI Labeling Act, 03:00


    You’re playing this song now, what does that say?

    Endorsement of the obscure or 48kHz?

    The mix is too noisy, there’s too much delay.

    Does it mean what it was or what you want it to be? Let’s agree that it is so there’s something to see. Now what was the difference between what was shown, the things in our heads, and what can be known?

    What have I sold you? What commodity?

    Microtransactions of culture debris?

    Or is it the exchange and the chance to agree?

    I don’t know myself, so how could you know me?

    Does it mean what it is or is it the other way?

    Let’s agree that it is so there’s something to say.

    Speaking in riddles and some concepts on loan,

    then why bother sharing this blood from a stone?

  13. RSI Labeling Act
  14. Abandoner, 04:39


    Release the ballast!

    Reason’s gone, the way, I shall list:

    Now there’s nothing here,

    no way to sort the tether from the sphere

    And the deck is stacked

    against the day and those it contracts

    Out here we’ll melt,

    no sun to care about where we’ve knelt

    Do this for me once before I go and lose my confidence

    Do this another time

    I’m the abandoner, guilty of the crime

    Do this, I’m begging you

    You’ll wave goodbye, I’ll forget them too

    Once more I’ll ask you this,

    What chains the chains hanging from your wrists?

    I don’t want to stay and make it better

    You won’t see me here or hereafter

    I’ll flee from spring and head to winter

    Abandon, Abandoner.

  15. Abandoner
  16. A Seat at the Rainbow Table, 03:02


    We are planning to break in this week

    while legal bores the red team to sleep

    Gapped off, tails up, we are ready for the shriek!

    Will you please tell us what you find

    while scraping the depths for a sign?

    What monsters to root and disable

    while sitting at the rainbow table?

    Your handle will be etched in the lore

    while I got traced dropping off of Tor

    I think I hear the windbreakers at my front door

  17. A Seat at the Rainbow Table
  18. The Outer Loop, 04:23


    Round and round the city of dead dreams

    Encased in glass and steel and bright head beams

    All now is stopped. There’s a wreck ahead it seems.

    I remember throwing my key.

    Off to follow Aomame.

    Cut the engine and I will flee.

  19. The Outer Loop